Mamamia Casino - Different games offered

Mamamia Casino - Different games offered

If flexibility, good entertainment and great profit potential are what a player is looking for, then Mamamia Casino is the best option. It is a very simple game where you as a player get a card with numbers in a grid. The game's leader, the so-called "Exclamator" will randomly pick balls with numbers from a container. If all called numbers are in a row on your card, you win prize money. The most popular types of Bingo and their special rules are listed below. Read more at

30-Ball Bingo

This is a fast paced game that offers both excitement and entertainment. You play with a grid of 3x3 that has a total of nine digits. This is a new variant of the game, which quickly became popular. First you select a lot, and then a new loop number is randomly selected by the system. The game starts when the players are ready. You then notice the called numbers on your ticket.

75-Ball bingo

This is the most popular and most common Bingo variant in both the UK and Canada. All columns in the game carry a letter from the word 'Bingo'. For example, column B has numbers between 1-15, I 16-30 and so on. The repeated numbers need to be in certain specific formations for you as a player to win.

80-Ball Bingo

This is an intermediate between 75-ball and 90-ball Bingo. This version has the same rules as the other two. On the tile you will find four columns, each with its own specific color. There are also patterns in the form of X and a box in the middle.

90-Ball Bingo

At Mamamia Casino you will also find one of the most traditional and popular online bingo variants, which is 90-ball. It comes with some special features, and has nine columns and three horizontal lines. The lottery in the player's hand has 15 numbers; the first column between 1 to 9, the second 9 to 18 and so on. The player can choose to either get a complete horizontal line, or two horizontal lines and an awning to win.

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