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Kaboo casino review

Kaboo casino
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Bonuser: 110 freespins + 4400kr i bonus Date created: 2015 License: Alderney, Curacao, United Kingdom Contact Us: +44 800 011 9554 Website: https://kaboo.com/

I have written so many casino reviews in my time that it’s hard for me to count. I think I’m the kind of person that enjoys guiding others into not making mistakes, seizing opportunities and sharing my experiences to help people who walk a new road to have some sort of guidance through their unknown path.

This time, while writing this kaboo casino review, I have the pleasure to write in the form that I like the most: positively. I’d like to begin by saying that, regarding of a mistake I made, I made a friend online out of a mess that I made while paying online.

The thing is, that I hit the click button twice before waiting for the payment page to reload. An honest mistake from an older man that enjoys betting online. My Credit Card then had a double charge, and I started to feel nervous.

I called the service line by the phone and Clarissa –who is the nicest person you’ll ever meet on any service phone line from every casino online- talked me down with her sweet voice and nice gestures. Later I found out that all the customer service staff from kaboo casino goes through a very strict and specialized course before getting in touch with the clients. All of them are trained to serve you the best way possible and are professionally tutored by detail-oriented supervisors that check every interaction with the players. I tell you, their system is a thing of beauty.

First, she called me by my name, instead of the usual “Sir” you get from someone that doesn’t connect with your needs. She told me that this happens frequently, and that the casino has a very friendly returning policy because of this, and that I just had to confirm a few things over the phone to get in touch with the bank to receive my cash back. And it’s not because I Was a regular user, that was my very first day at that casino and I was eager to collect the 100 Euro bonus they gave you at the very beginning –along with that special relic.

It’s like the whole thing passed from being a mistake to a great experience. They gave me some free credits to spin the kaboo slots and play kaboo casino online game while I was waiting on the phone, which happened to be only a couple of minutes. Next thing I knew, I received a mail from my bank telling me that my funds had been restored and that I need not to worry about anything. Thank you Clarissa, I’ll make sure to mention your name while writing my kaboo casino review haha!

After that, I started playing on the slots. Boy, do they have a large selection of those! The options range from western-based slots to futuristic slots, so you’ll get down from the horse to ride a flying space machine in no time. The interface is as friendly as they come, being a 60-year-old man doesn’t really help when there are many buttons to choose from, but the software engineers somehow managed to make the whole experience user-friendly and, something I care about a lot- the instructions and manuals for every game at conveniently displayed so you can stop playing at any time to check on the odds and go over the details of the moves.

Another thing I also enjoy when I’m at kaboo com is being able to complete the missions. Not only because the free spins that come along with them and that you can spend on other machines, no matter where you got them, but because it raises the challenge factor un level up. You’re no longer playing just a game to spin the reels, but also engaging an adventure that will get the best of you, and I’m all about using my strategies to get prizes!

Also, K.A.R.E.N is a beauty. She will guide you through the whole mission completing process as a friend would guide you through a dark hall when you’re drunk: She’s there for you at every moment and becomes an ally you’d like to keep. Have that in mind when starting your missions.

Now, when it comes to the roulette, it has a unique platform with colors, music and sounds that will make you feel like a million bucks! The whole experience is designed to fulfil every gamer needs, and its virtual reality most certainly will hypnotize you and assuring that you’ll come back.

Other games I really enjoyed from kaboo casino were Aloha and Second Strike. Don’t leave without giving them I try. If you love the Egyptian culture and their mystique ways, then you must not miss Pyramid. Dead or Alive is a great Western game to start familiarizing yourself with the concept on kaboo casino if it is your first time there.

I would definitely recommend visiting kaboo Sweden for people who are new to online gaming. It’s a safe place, full of different games –beating most of the casinos available in terms of variety of games- that will lead you to have a great time. Newcomers would be under a safe environment, guarded by top-notch customer service personnel, and enjoying a unique experience that will certainly have them coming back for more. Thanks again, Clarissa!