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Online casino business has been rapidly growing nowadays

Bertil casino
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Bonuser: 1000kr i bonus + 250 free spins Date created: 1987 License: Malta Contact Us: Live Support Website: https://www.bertil.com/

There are various websites and apps offering different kinds of online bingo and casino games you can choose to have fun and win prizes.

However, if you’re starting to get bored with mediocre bingo and casino games, it is time for you to take a short turn into our delightful and exciting games at Bertils Casino. Here we are going to discuss what are chat games and the benefits you can get by participating in them.


Bertil Sweden is a Sweden site for online Bingo and Casino that was first established in 2006. Owned by Evoke Gaming Ltd., Bertil Online Casino is now one of the most popular sites for playing online Bingo and Casino games in Sweden.

If you are tired of playing ordinary Bingo and Casino games, Bertil Casino offers you a whole different atmosphere where you can play bingo and casino games and get more bonuses via Chat Games.


Although rarely mentioned in the Bertil Casino Review, chat games facility is one of the reasons why Bertil Online Casino is the right place for you to play online bingo and casino games.

Chat Games are basically various kinds of competitions you can participate in the Bertil Online Casino chat room, where you can win extra bonuses. This is one of the benefits you can get by playing with Bertil Casino. You can gain extra bonuses besides the ones you get from playing the games.

These games are organized by the Bertil’s chat hosts every day to give you social, enjoyable, and beneficial experience in the online casino community. The competitions are managed by different hosts and have a different schedule you can check on the website.

By playing these chat games you will get various kinds of prizes such as loyalty points or free tickets you can use to play on the Bertil Casino.


Bertil Sweden chat room offers you various types of games to give you the best gaming experience. There are three types of chat games you can participate in the chat room:


Playing quizzes is as easy as it sounds. There will be questions in the chat room and the player who responds the fastest with the correct answer wins and acquires bonuses.

Regular Chat Games

This chat game is similar to playing bingo. You play by choosing random numbers/balls, and win if it is the same as the number/ball chosen in the chat room. You can find this game anytime because it is usually played continuously with a small amount of bonuses and many winners. Yet, if you’re lucky, you can find several rare games that give you big bonuses.

Events / Special Chat Games

This category is special because you will only find them on several occasions. They only occur once in a while and it goes on for several hours. The rules are more complex, but that’s what makes it even more fun. Instead of bingo bonuses, special chat games give you real money you can get by winning the games. Isn’t it tempting?


What makes chat games at Bertils Casino different from any other sites? In our casino, you can participate in the chat games without having to raise any stakes in the game. You can win side bonuses without having to wager anything. Bertils Casino offers chat games with high prizes and a large number of winners. You just need to play and win. That’s it.

Moreover, you can also win Bertil bonus on weekends with big cash prizes. To participate in this competition, you will have to make a deposit on the same day.


Chat games are usually played by players who play bingo at Bertil.com. It starts almost simultaneously with bingo, with a code value in the chat box. The code value will explain what the game is on and how it works. You can start participating in the game by typing your answer or number while waiting for your bingo turn. The winner is the one who is lucky enough with the correct answer/number.

For instance, in the regular chat game “BLACKJACK”, you will choose two numbers that have a total of 21. So you type “BLACKJACK 11 10” in the chat box during the countdown time of the next bingo. If you win, you will be notified and rewarded with the prize. So easy, isn’t it?


When you participate and win a chat game, you will be rewarded with different kinds of prizes such as movie tickets, coffee cups, and many other fun gifts or souvenirs.

However, special and rare games will reward you with loyalty points, free tickets, and even cash prizes.


Of course, before you join the chat games and participate in the competitions, you should get familiar with the terms commonly used in the chat room. Now, if you are used to participating in Bertil mobil online chatting, you should have known about these terms, but if you don’t, no worries! Here are some of them:

  • GG: Congratulations! (Good Game)
  • TT: Tussen tack (Thank you very much)
  • LT: Lycka till (Good luck)
  • Vsg: Varsegod (Good-bye)
  • Tds: Tack detsamma (Thanks to you too)
  • Asg: Asgard (laugh out loud)
  • JP: Jackpot
  • CS: Chattspel (chat games)
  • Sls: Så lite så (So little so)
  • CV: Chattvärd (chat hosts)

*Please note that since it is a Sweden online casino, the online language above is Swedish online language.


The competitions in the chat games are very exciting and popular among our player here at Bertil.com. That is because players will most certainly get at least one type of extra bonuses, whether it is cash prizes or free tickets. Therefore, there are some things you need to pay attention so you can join the chat games and have more fun.

  1. Make sure that you apply for the chat games on time before the bingo/casino games start. If the game has started, you cannot participate in the ongoing chat games.
  2. You can write your application in advanced using notepad or document similar to the chat box so you can copy and paste it later. Now, this will save you a lot of time, especially if you participate in rare competitions with great prizes.
  3. Make sure that you understand the rules of every chat games. You can open the chat rules while playing to make sure you get the gist of every game so you can participate directly when the game is on.

Playing online bingo and casino has never been this fun, hasn’t it? With Bertils casino chat games you can win prizes and actively participate in the Bertil online casino community. Therefore, you won’t get bored with some mediocre casino games. You will get even more thrilled in raising more stakes in the rare chat games that will give you more exciting prizes. It’s thrilling, fun, and profitable!

So join our exciting online casino community here at Bertil.com and win your bonuses via bingo/casino games, Bertil free spins, and our amazing chat games! You won’t regret it!